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May 9, 2018
Apna Paisa Apni Kheti
May 15, 2018

Apna Live Stock


UP TO 150,000

APNA LIVESTOCK Enterprise – Running FINANCE In low income sectors, people invest their savings largely in livestock. Livestock can be bought and sold when needed and is a good livelihood diversification strategy for low-income households. It helps supplement their income through sale of milk and milk products and their consumption as a food supplement as well as reduces their dependency on a seasonal income through the harvest yields of crop products. Requirement
  • NIC 2 Photo Copies
  • Passport Size Photos 2 Photos
  • Copies of Latest Utility Bills
  • Two Personal Guarantee from reputed Account holder
  • ATM Card (Optional)
  • Full range of banking services.
  • Imbedded Life & Assets Insurance cover.
  • Minimum processing time. (Less than seven days).